Manage Commissions, Back Office and Accounting
For Real Estate Brokerages and Agent Teams

Commission Tracking and Disbursements. Agent Billings. ACH Transfer. Reporting. Accounting.


The Easiest Commission Management and Accounting System

BrokerSumo was designed for real estate professionals who need an easier way to manage their office and financials.
Manage Your Agents
Close Your Deals
Reporting and Analytics
Accounting and Taxes
Payments and Billings

"I believe it excels in managing the minutia of real estate office finances." — Craig Rowe, Inman News Writer


Complete Agent Management

Onboard new agents, manage and process agent monthly billings, customize commission plans and closing fees.

real estate agent management software
Agent Onboarding

New agents e-sign their agreements, fill out their personal info and upload license and insurance info online.

Agent Billings

Set up your agent billings and process their credit cards within the system or automatically track and deduct their fees from a transaction.

Commission Management

Robust commission plans including sliding scales, cap plan, flat fee and more. BrokerSumo automatically calculates your agents commission splits.

Close Your Transactions

BrokerSumo picks up where your transaction management leaves off. Automatically calculate agent commission splits, create commission disbursements, track credits and debits, and pay your agents with ACH Transfer.

real estate transaction management software
Transaction Pipeline

Easily track your deal pipeline, lead source, projected commission income and closed deals.

Commission Disbursements

Create dynamic commission disbursements using the agent’s commission plan to automatically calculate their commission.

ACH Transfer

Pay your agents electronically from the system. No more cutting paper checks!


Sync your BrokerSumo account to QuickBooks for simple accounting.

real estate accounting and back office
Create Custom Workflows

Set up your data to sync to wherever you want in QuickBooks.

Sync Commission Data

Once you've closed out the transaction in BrokerSumo, just click the Sync to QuickBooks button and your data will sync into QuickBooks. Learn more

Sync Agent Billing Data

Your agent billing invoices and payments sync automatically every time you make an update or send our an invoice. Learn more

Reporting and Analytics

Office reports to help you analyze office and agent sales performance.

real estate brokerage reporting and accounting
Office Reports

Generate real estate reports giving you deep insight into your agent and office performance and your pending transaction pipeline.

Lead Generation Reports

Generate lead analysis reports to see how much you spent and made from each lead source.

Advanced Reports

Generate accounting reports in QuickBooks and custom dashboards using Zoho Reports by syncing your BrokerSumo data. Learn More

Payments and Billings

Pay agents and vendors electronically with NO FEES! Set up monthly agent billings and process your agents' credit cards directly from the platform.

ACH Transfers
ACH Transfer

Pay your agents and vendors electronically and get rid of paper checks forever. Payments are deposited in 3 business days. Send up to $20,000 per transfer.

Agent Billings

Set up recurring monthly billings for your agents. Create custom, itemized fees for each agent and bill their credit card monthly. Your funds are deposited in your bank account the very next business day.

Agent Portal

Agents love the agent portal. They can manage their transaction pipeline, agent billings, analyze their business and track their commissions.

ACH Transfers

Why BrokerSumo?

Powerful tools built for real estate professionals
You're a real estate professional
not an accountant.

Account payables and receivables, balance sheets, general ledgers? These are accounting tools, not real estate tools. You need a system that was built with the real estate professional in mind and speaks the language of real estate. BrokerSumo gives you a powerful back office and accounting tool that you can understand.

Cutting edge tools for
brokerages and agents

Real estate teams and brokerages will both benefit from our powerful set of tools. You'll have everything you need to manage your agents, close out your transactions, pay your agents their commission, report on agent and office performance and manage your accounting.

A modern day brokerage

Your agents are using technology to grow their business, you need to as well. Be the type of brokerage they’d want to work for—a brokerage utilizing the latest in technology and giving its agents every advantage to help them succeed.

Is my data secure?

BrokerSumo takes security seriously. We use data centers hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you with peace of mind. These data centers are spread across the U.S., allowing multiple redundant availability each with physical security. In addition, all financial data is stored on our financial transaction partners' servers as they specialize in bank level security to keep your information secure.

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