Frequently Asked Questions

BrokerSumo provides critical tools that most other real estate applications are missing. For example, transaction management programs help you manage a transaction from contract to close. But most transaction management products don't have complex commission plan management so you end up calculating the agent's commission by hand or by using Microsoft Excel. Even worse, you end up manually adding credits and debits when creating the commission disbursement and have no easy way to track those numbers. BrokerSumo solves those problems for you by keeping all your financial data in one system with accurate reporting on all your income and expenses on a transaction.
BrokerSumo helps you with the final steps of a transaction by calculating the agent's commission automatically, creating a commission disbursement to send to the title company, paying your agents and 3rd parties, closing out the file and reconciling your income and expenses for accounting purposes. In addition we offer features that allow you to manage your agents personnel records and store all of their critical documents such as their real estate license, insurance card and driver's license. You can also manage agent billings and charge agents credit cards for their monthly fees directly from the system.
Absolutely. Since a real estate team is basically a mini-brokerage, BrokerSumo is an excellent tool for teams to use to help team owners manage their commission splits with their agents, analyze agent production using our reporting tools, track all financial data related to their transactions and reconcile their accounting data. In addition, if you charge your agents any monthly fees, you can bill them directly from BrokerSumo using our credit card processing feature.
Yes, there are no hidden fees with this feature. You can pay your agents and vendors using our ACH Transfer/electronic transfer feature for free. Payments take about 1-2 days to be deposited into their bank accounts and you can send up to $20,000 per payment.
BrokerSumo is designed for real estate professionals, not accountants. We have built a simple system that real estate professionals will understand, yet powerful enough to manage the tasks that you need to complete on a daily basis. We are also considerably more affordable than other back office products. Our goal is to keep it simple, giving real estate brokerages and agent teams a smaller set of tools that are critical to managing your business effectively, and providing that at an affordable price point.
We pride ourselves at providing excellent customer service. Look at the bottom right corner of your screen, you'll see a chat icon. Click that to chat with us, we try to respond as quickly as possible. Or you can always send us an email at [email protected].