Reporting and Dashboards For Real Estate Brokerages

Sync your transaction data to Zoho Reports for reporting dashboards and custom reports

Sync Your Data

Once you've set up your free version of Zoho Reports, syncing your transaction data from BrokerSumo to Zoho Reports is completely automated. Each time you update a transaction in BrokerSumo, we auto-sync that data to Zoho Reports so you always have the most updated data for your reports. Watch the Zoho Report setup video by clicking here.

Add Your Dashboard

Your BrokerSumo dashboard will be automatically created for you, just add the link to your BrokerSumo account and your dashboard will be live each time you login to BrokerSumo. Click here to see what your actual dashboard will look like.

Build Custom Reports

In your Zoho Reports account you can build your own custom reports and add them to your BrokerSumo dashboard. Click here to learn more.